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You are happy now!? ò_ó

RIP Monkeyboy L
RIP Old man Watari

Aka the Sugarhigh Looner, the old Shota Perv and the hottest lesbian Shinigami eva!

We will love you forever and ever.
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Sitting in the net cafe

right in front of the open window (I cannot move the fingers of my right hand x_X)

The most important: HAPPY BIRTHDAY minkyleigh
May the yaoi be with you~

And now about some other things: I saved a whole ton of torrent links (I doubt I will be able to use them proberly thought, it would take me years to finish the dl) as were: "Death Note" 5, "D.Gray Man" 3-5, ALL "Yakitate! Japan", ALL Available of "Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge", "Death Note" Movie Part 1, "NANA" all.
(Damn, I really can't type anymore X_x''') I've seen the first 10 minutes of DN Movie on youtube and I love it, I need to get my fingers on it soon!)
(Thor) Loki smile

Ummmm people!?

Does any of you mind going to the rating communities I listed on the left site of my journal and place some votes (not only for me)? Cause some are really kinda behind (such as dn_rating)...

you can have a cookie if you do!?
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